Kynerion develops and sells advances devices and sensors to integrate in already existing products, plants and industrial processes to make them smart and connected.

New capabilities are added to the existing infrastructure such as:

identification, localization, perception, adaptability, auto-diagnosis, data elaboration and transmission

Principal applications

  • Production: efficiency increase (set-up time and errors decrease) and real time monitoring (quality increase and scrap loss reduction).
  • Maintenance: continuous monitoring of machinery and plant conditions to find and correct in advance abnormal behaviors, possible cause of breakdowns.
  • Security and ergonomics: human-machine interaction devices and workplace improvement.
  • Logistics: internal and external for the management, labeling and traceability of products.
User connecting with a tablet and exchanging data with a cyber physical system

Objective data

Through Kynerion's additional modules, it is possible to connect directly to the machine, process, or product where the modules are integrated, measure a number of previously unrecognized operating conditions and consequently automate and optimize their operation.

Total control

Thanks to the intelligence of Kynerion devices, it is possible to detect and add data on the characteristics of the products, the production methods and the conditions to which they are subjected. Entire industrial processes can be monitored, controlled, planned and optimized remotely based on real-time information of a wide range of relevant parameters.

Industry 4.0

Thanks to the Kynerion devices, it is possible for the Customer to implement in its infrastructure the so-called Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) and to implement the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), which includes products, resources and processes interconnected by using in the factory Internet of Things and new digital technologies.