Kynerion designs and sells electronic systems to improve the occupants' stay in buildings (at home or at work), make them safer and more efficient, and facilitate their management and maintenance throughout the life cycle.

Kynerion systems can be used not only in newly constructed buildings but also in existing ones.

Principal applications

  • Ventilation and cooling systems optimization.
  • Automatically adapting of energetic profiles based on the occupants.
  • Proactive maintenance.
  • Dynamic power consumption.
  • Safety, fire security and emergency management.
Smart Home Device - Home Control

Automatic Management

Kynerion systems are made up of distribuited wireless sensors and actuators located in the building (or home) that autonomously interact to adjust equipments following the different operative, environmental condition and spatial position.

An application example

With Kynerion systems the conditioning system directly regulates the incoming light and heat from the outside. The ventilation system fits the fresh air flow into the building according to the number of occupants.

Increased productivity

Thanks to Kynerion systems, it increases the sense of safety, well-being, brightness and climatic comfort and consequently increases the productivity of occupants.