Kynerion manufactures and sells sensors and electronic devices to integrate into already existing farming equipments. Thus they become smart, connected, autonomous and capable to autoadapt following the different operative, environmental, metereological conditions and spatial position.

In this way the equipments can learn, decide and operate without the intervention, on site or remotely, of the operator.

Principal applications

  • Market gardening, whether in greenhouses or not.
  • Livestocks, for animals and operative conditions monitoring.
  • Silos and tanks level monitoring.
Smart farming. The farmer using application in phone to control and monitor conditions in the field

Objective data

Thanks to Kynerion's intelligent devices, it is possible to switch from sensory-based activity management to accurate, up-to-date data-based management that is directly detected on the field, and to automatically realize targeted and selective actions.
The customer improves productivity and reduces waste, ranging from the amount of water used to the intensive use of the plants, thus increasing environmental sustainability.

Food safety

Kynerion smart systems, directly applied to products, additionally grant food traceability and security. Products, up to a single unit, are monitored in real time across the entire supply chain to ensure their safety, health and quality from field to table.

Chain control

Thanks to the smartness of Kynerion devices, it is possible to detect and add data on the characteristics of the products, the production methods and the conditions to which they are subjected.
Entire food chains can be remotely monitored, controlled, planned and optimized by means of real-time informations and a wide range of relevant parameters.