Kynerion provides to companies and institutions management and business consulting.

All activities aims to create value for the customer by helping him in every process step.

Principal activities

  • Management of innovation and R&D.
  • Valorisation of intellectual/industrial properties and economic exploitation of innovative results.
  • Growth support.
  • Business start up consultancy.
Businessman supporting wooden step in a staircase made of pegs as his partner walks his fingers up towards

Innovation, Research and Development

Kynerion supports the customer throughout the innovation and R&D process: from state-of-the-art analysis to complex research projects and the entire portfolio of products.
Kynerion also identifies the best technology transfer solutions and supports the customer to implement them.


Kynerion conducts market, technological and competitive analysis based on customer need. Kynerion also carries out on behalf of the customer business plans and presentations for investors.

Growth support

Kynerion supports the customer growth through:

  • strategy and business development plans, efficiency and control, information management;
  • marketing strategy, formulations of customer service policies, pricing, advertising and distribution channels;
  • intangible assets enhancement plans and intangible assets improvement.